Weather the Director and new order.

The weather here is not unlike the experience of this project. The temperature had been rising until Sunday when a huge thunderstorm cleared the air and for a short while all was cool and calm. 

When we arrived we where welcomed warmly, all was calm. We, a mix of keen young architectural minds with helping hands and me a rag tag self build architect that like getting his hands dirty, seemed harmless, the teachers where in control.  Systematically however we have thrown any system they once had into chaos. But if we are like a storm, the Director is a tornado.

Monday 12am he arrived, an hour after me, then span around the school marking with tape where furniture will go, he then listed on a black board the furniture he needs to order for each space, then photographed it with his phone, Job Done….. The teachers where left with a sense of bidazzlement that new furniture was soon to be transforming their lives. The September change is REAL

For some of the teachers, this process has been TOUGH, which is understandable, it is not easy having strangers riffle through the private world in your cupboards. Respect is needed yet at the same time, efficency.

The storm has now broken the worst has passed. New furniture is on its way, cupboards have found new homes and have been filled with pens, pencils, rubbers, paints and art supplies. Classes are being re-arranged and the promise of a re-paint is on the horizon.