Research Aim: How can A major regeneration area be reimagined as an accessible, inclusive, and connected resource for the people of Bristol?

UWE were approached by Bristol Women’s Voice to analyse and re-imagine the current Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone framework.  The aim was to highlight areas where the framework could be made more inclusive and areas where the council should consider the potential community and the surrounding communities.

We produced a series of documents, posters and leaflets to be used as a tool by Bristol Women’s voice in future meetings and discussions with the council and other stakeholders of Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone as a means to encourage consideration of inclusivity of the proposed framework. The leaflets and posters were designed as a means of engaging further with the public to gauge public opinion and to further the consultation process.

As part of the project we reviewed previously successful council led community developments with a view to raising these with councillors involved as a benchmark for how the development should be organised.

Client – Bristol Women’s Voice

Students – Richard Glass, Hannah Drake, Sophie Lloyd, Ross Green