Building Man 2014

Building Man is held at Bodenham Manor, a place that represents an unfolding, experimental project engaged in an active process of co-creation.

Our collective dream for this incredible site and emerging community is a work-in-progress, but will involve a modular redevelopment of the existing reformatory school and surrounding permaculture garden. We hope that by engaging in a space-by-space approach this multi-use educational facility will help to fund it’s own ongoing eco build retro-fit.

The aim of Building Man is create a network of people who will become a collectively run and organised network of makers and creators. The network will become a resource for sustainably alternative festivals and community build projects.

At Building Man 2014, Tangentfield along with students from The University of the West of England and The University of Sheffield will be working on:

  • A Camp Kitchen/Shelter for cob ovens and outside catering,

    • This will include kitchen tables and work counters.

  • Stages and spaces that invite a moment of performance

    • This event is about sharing, so we wish to make small, medium spaces for performance and moments. These spaces could be ideal for 1 to 1 interactions.

  • Tin Village

    • At Building Man there is a second group of makers who concentrate on Tin Village. This group have been making a set of structures (a barn, a canteen and a talking space), as a part of Tin Village this set of structures have to be weather proofed with corrugated tin.

    • Tin Village has invited us to come and mix it up a bit with them. Our brief here is open, maybe we will focus on the spaces between, or things that crash into their structures.

Our Tool Kit

As well as our tasks at Building Man, we want to organise the materials, tools, equipment available for the project and how it all will be transported to the festival site.

We are aiming to have some bespoke bike trailers made by Nic Biggles, Nic will also be on site during the festival making bikes and trailers so we can work together and design together.