Research Aim: To create a piece of portable recycled architecture in order to reclaim the street and encourage a community to come together through performance.


Wayfarers come from a preliminary project which has been commissioned by Anna Wilson as a part of the sharing communities finale on the Sunday 25th October when the Portway, Hotwells is being closed for the Bristol & Bath Marathon. The performance art event is being held to demonstrate what is achievable when communities unite and experiment with resources, places and spaces of a re used / recycled nature for the public to enjoy. The performances event settlements include the Cumberland Basin and Clifton Rocks Railway, utilizing the Portway as a connection for the departure and arrival route of approximately 480 metres. 

Our vision is that Wayfarers will be four individual, innovative micro works of architecture. Which have the ability to be mobile, temporary and only use re useable materials. This unusual commission offers opportunities for ourselves as architectural students to innovate with design and materials within a sustainable nature and a quick time frame. 

What we believe is the Wayfarers are more than a delivery of architecture, it is a program of participatory art and promotional activity which will explore a new processes of public engagement; through working with students, locals, artists and professionals to achieve a thought provoking outcome.

UWE Master of Architecture Students: Luke Carnaby, Luke Copley-Wilkins, Matthew Smith, Thomas Sale

Client: Anna Wilson is the Arts and Community Project Manager for the Cabot, Clifton & Clifton East Neighborhood arts project Bristol 2015 Green Capital