Junction 2 Roundabout

The scheme’s proposition is stimulate the use of the area as a connection, reengaging communities focused in the gentrification process of the site and surroundings.

The aim of the project is to generate gentrification through a restructuring, renew and revitalization of the area based on urban interventions. The term urban intervention relates to the idea of produce for the space by using its own aspects and generating response and use, in this case, the social, economic and cultural resurrection of these areas. 

Historical and social aspects were used to define the main objectives of engaging the local residents.

Key project objectives:

- Provide conditions for existent activities and uses. -Allow interchange of uses and variety of public. -Promote the cultural use l of the space aligning to the functional use.

- Reimagine the connection between the areas. -Intervene by evaluating the historical, cultural, economic and spatial issues of the areas and the insertion in the urbanity. 

The output was a spatial strategy looking at reconneting the communities that have been segregated the 1960s motorway that was constructed.

UWE Students: Joao Batista and Patrick Fallon

Project Length: 1 x 6 week project and 1 x 8 week project (part time)

Instigated by Nudge Group