Make Lewes a festival of making, architecture, and sustainable design. 

The event on September 12th - 20th INCLUDED a fantastic spectrum of activities: exhibitions, talks, building visits, workshops, films, and a THREE-day 'HIGH OCTANE' Design & Make workshop with William Hardie's studio. This year Triton TOOLS and UWE HAVE sponsorED the workshop - KINSHIP II DESIGN & MAKE WORKSHOP



Suner Suyleyman: UWE
"An amazing collection of craftspeople and a really creative atmosphere. The environment was set up well to encourage us to cover a lot of ground in just 3 days! We learned to stretch our materials to the limit. The way it was organised and the way it worked has informed my final year work; the final product was an amalgamation of each participants ideas; a lesson in good collaborative design"
Sally Daniels: tangentfield/UWE
"This year we made 3! The workshop was fast and furious again - squeezing the ups and downs of the design process into the shortest possible time ensured that we could take everyone through the experience of concept to fabrication and completion. We were careful to ensure that everyone felt that they contributed to the final kinships; hard to steer but rewarding to show how early ideas and connections find themselves in the final forms. The main challenge was to keep an eye on the brief - portability, use. We kept the construction light; and the use quite general -  a little more time/ twist could have led us to a more specific function. 2 kinships were tested to good effect at the Chilli festival."

Haolin's Make Lewes reflection:

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