Research Aim: How can community built interventions improve upon a growing community and the wellbeing of people with learning disabilities?


Elm Tree Farm is situated in Filton, Bristol. This ‘city’ farm grows organic produce and breeds a wide-range of livestock. They employ over 50 people with learning disabilities to work on the farm allowing them to gain vocational skills and employment training within a physical, labour intensive environment.

The farm is currently managed by Brandon Trust, a charity aimed at helping adults with learning disabilities to reach their full potential.


To provide a staged phasing strategy that incorporates the client’s desires in a feasible, cost-efficient format. By splitting the development into stages we hope to create both short and long term plans for elm tree farm, that are dictated by budget available at that time. Our vision is to expand and diversify a Brandon Trust city farm with the local community; to connect, teach and inspire through the interaction with nature.


The aims of the development of elm tree farm are;

- To create spaces that allow for community involvement and therefore a raised awareness of the inspirational work being done in accordance with Brandon trust.

- Ideas to bring about further revenue through events, activities and new facilities on site. Subsequent future economic relationships with schools and education centres.

- To establish interactions between the farm workers, the community visitors and the animals by means of clever integrated design techniques.

- A fully accessible site so all users can partake in the activities and have an equal experience of the site.

UWE Master of Architecture Students: James Olley, Oliver Filer, Sian Trezise-hardinge, Alexandra Wye

Client: Elm Tree Farm