Beckery Old Road - Self-Finish Housing 

The project concentrated on design proposals for a terrace of twelve houses in Old Beckery Road, Glastonbury. The terrace has been developed on behalf of the The Beckery Island Regeneration Trust. Their aspiration - to develop housing that is affordable for young families in Glastonbury - has been developed over two projects at The University of The West of England, Bristol. Firstly, a 5-week 'Agency Project' was undertaken by five Masters of Planning and Architecture & Planning students at the end of their graduating year in May 2013. This study investigated the planning context, feasibility and initial brief proposals for self-finish housing on this Beckery Island site. Secondly,

the findings of the Agency Project were taken forward over the summer of 2013 by six student- interns from the Department of Architecture & the Built Environment at UWE, Bristol. Over the eight weeks duration of this project the interns developed architectural proposals for the terrace to a 'Scheme Design' stage and this work represents a fully-formed architectural proposal for the terrace, the house types it includes and how these types support future flexible occupancy. This scheme also proposes two possible landscape strategies for this terrace; and here, further work is needed to substantiate the water engineering and structural engineering associated with the site. These engineering studies fall outside the scope of the scheme design undertaken during the intern scheme and described here.

UWE Architecture and Planning Students: Tom Beazley, Sam Hyams, Francesca Johnson, Xander Roden, Mattew Ryall, Oliver Sanger

Project Length: 8 weeks

The students participated in internships at UWE which were funded jointly by the UWE Undergraduate Internships Scheme and the Higher Education Innovation Fund with supporting contributions from UWE, Bristol's Environment iNet and The Beckery Island Regeneration Trust.