Make Life More Absurd: Bedminster


Research aim: To use participatory processes to design low-budget interventions into small-scale spaces in order to change perceptions and encourage a diverse range of users to create a vibrant high street.

The client for the project was Bedminster Town Team. Bedminster Town Team seeks to improve conditions for local businesses in order to benefit local residents. Their initiatives seek to increase influence by combining the efforts of multiple local businesses and using funding to create cleaner, safer and more attractive places to trade in, with the hope of boosting business and improving the shopping experience for local residents.

The aim of the project is to create vibrant public spaces and platforms for events within designated streets in order to empower the pedestrian and inspire the people of East Street to live as a community.

The ‘live’ aspect of the project encouraged us to be active within the community. A key driver in both the project and the design development where a series of community events which we hosted throughout the 8 week project. Our final proposals developed an organic and synthetic landscape for the two designated streets. On Dean Street we proposed an outdoor gallery with a key focus on street art and bringing colour to East Street. On Church Road we proposed the installation of a permanent pocket park to enhance vibrancy on the street whilst connecting East Street to the park beyond Church Road.

UWE Master of Architecture students: Andrew Murphy, Steph Austin, Tom Barker, Prince Henry Ajene, Anna Basso De M

Client: Bedminster Town Team