Depersonalised Space

How can the common and intellectual principles that underline both fashion and architecture come together to create a hybrid space to suit both disciplines?

Exhibition stand for Graduate Fashion Week, Earl’s Court, London

December 2007 - July 2008 

University of the West of England


Peter Spall, Melissa Patterson, Guiditta Martello, Thomas Smith, Mathew Spencer – Small, Purdita Whiting, Patrick Fallon, Claudia Lengui, Angela Jacobs, Mathew Hedges, Nia Morgan, Rachel Hare, Alfie Hope, Alejandro Gonzalez, Jason Skelton


Elena Marco, Rachel Sara, James Burch


Department of Creative Industries, UWE


Fashion students worked with architecture students from years 1, 2 and 3 to design a visually stimulating exhibition space for the Graduate Fashion Show. The project allowed students of both disciplines to explore the common and intellectual principles to create a hybrid space that suited both. Architecture and fashion are preoccupied with space, shelter, volume and protection of their common denominator, the human body, whilst at the same time allowing the expression of an identity as well as specific stylistic preferences. 

The overall design aimed to form a consistent and neutral background on which to display the fashion students’ work, whereby the architectural statement was only made through the play of light. This concept ensured there was a ‘blank canvas’ for the exhibiting students to present work. 

The project was a steep learning curve for the students as they had to consider and balance all aspects of the design process as well as, the budget, client’s preferences, practicalities of transportation, time constraints to construct and de-construct the stand and the sourcing and ordering of materials. The successful outcome of the project was due to the participants’ willingness and commitment to give their time and work as part of a team. The excitement of building something real and the prestige of attending the Graduate Fashion Show helped the team to gel and work towards a common goal. This project enhanced the learning experience of the students and boosted their confidence, enthusiasm and motivation.