Workshop Holzbau, Trondheim

The University of the West of England supported 3 UWE students - Sophie Jarzebowski, Lee Bartholomew and Suner Syuleyman - and Sally Daniels, a tutor at UWE, to go to Trondheim, Norway and participate in the design and make event, Workshop Holzbau.

The workshop was a collaboration between the students and the faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts at NTNU, the University of the West of England and the Trondheim Kommune as a tribute to the Holzbau Nordic conference. The aim is to design and build a connection between the upper and lower part of the Kjøpmannsgata.

The project's aim was to provide a temporary installation that would improve access from upper and lower part of the Kjøpmannsgata, (re)building a connection across the grass-sloped bank that stands between them. 

The project was instigated and ran by NTNU students, had 18 student participants who volunteered over a 2 week period, design, detail, construct, and finish the staircase. 

The historical sensitivity of the grass-sloped bank meant that foundations had to be laid in extremely specific locations. The short project length meant that materials were ordered before the installation was designed. These two constraints gave the project strict constraints that were challenging and interesting to work within and around. 

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Workshop Holzbau locations in Trondheim, Norway

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