Red Brick Building, Glastonbury 

The project looked to undertake a second phase of development in the Red Brick Building, Glastonbury: a beautiful ex-tannery which, having fallen into ruin, is undergoing a transformation led by the vibrant local community. The brief itself was extremely open and, after a series of public consultations, it was established that the new building should focus on education, construction and community.

The proposal offers a realistic phased strategy which “cannibalize” sections of the existing building in order to repair other areas, This, plus a large drive for self build, minimises required financial capital and, instead, focuses on other forms of value which the building has in abundance. Aiming for a flexible approach, the scheme does not define a set use for the spaces created but suggests a variety of activities which could take place inside, using a playful and engaging graphic.

“Phase 0” of the project began with an installation and exhibition space designed to site inside the building to promote the work here and encourage investment in time, knowledge and money,  

UWE Master of Architecture Students: Toby Smith, Alex Steenfeldt, Josh Wood, Sam Clough, Rose Moreton 

Project length: October 2013 - November 2013.