Research Aim: How can fun, bold and provocative urban interventions inspire environmental awareness throughout the city of Bristol?


The key driver of the project Message in a bottle is summarised by a Cape Farewell quote; "What does culture have to do with climate change? Everything." The client; a not-for-profit community company, struggles for the promotion of sustainability by tackling everyday behavioural patterns.

As one of the facilitators of Bristol Big Green Week, Love the future are collaborating with UWE students to identify ways in which to encourage behavioural change towards environmentally-concerned attitudes and attract a wider audience to Bristol Big Green Week 2016.

To achieve this the group visited 4 key areas of Bristol; Lawrence Hill, Henleaze, Southmead and Hartcliffe. Some of these communities are considered prosperous while others are known for low income and life expectancy levels. During the visits two urban interventions; a) Framing matters and b) Message on a bottle, were tested on how they provoke curiosity and establish a dialogue with locals residents.

With the insight gained from these experimental interventions, the group are now designing a plastic bottle pavilion-installation that will accommodate 3 zones; a) Deposit environmental sins, b) Pull out a challenge, c) Learn about success stories. The actual sourcing and assemblage of bottles will be an on-going collaboration between the university, the 4 communities visited and the participants at Bristol Big Green Week 2016.

Client: Love the future; Nudge Group

UWE Master of Architecture students: Kay Ma, Stalo Pitta, Shadie Elyaei, Kate Battersby.