Bath Pavilion

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Research Aim: How can a portable pavilion bring an alternative style of architecture to Bath’s Georgian dialect, and promote architectural discussion and interaction?

The client for this project was Architecture Is… a non-profit organisation based in Bath who are looking to design and build a versatile pavilion that can be used around Bath for a range of activities.

We started this project defining key aspects of the brief, the most notable of which were the transportability (the pavilion should be easily constructed and deconstructed quickly by unskilled individuals), and the architectural philosophy (the pavilion’s style should be contrasting with Bath’s traditional heritage).

During the design stages we felt it was important to involve the community of Bath as they would be the primary users of the pavilion. To accomplish this, we approached people in Bath and asked them their views on Bath and architecture. These questions allowed us to generate conversation with this array of people and consequently got people’s personal accounts of Bath, such as what buildings they disliked or a family’s colloquial name for the Bath Stone (Cheese Stone).

Through these conversations we developed several design ideas which were narrowed down to one after meetings with the client. In the final presentation we handed over image boards and documents which are being used to hopefully secure funding for the pavilion.


UWE Master’s Students: Oliver Berry, Giacomo Consolini & Matthew Tseu

Clients: Architecture Is…