Building Man - Part II

After a few days of being on site, the relationships between everyone grew very strong, with new people arriving to set up their own tents and stalls, growing the community. The building groups developed into more detailed components including the furniture, the water systems, the rammed tyre and straw bale wall, the cob ovens and the rocket stoves. However, there were still the major parts of the building still yet to be complete; the facade, floor and roof.

The end of the Building Man week crept up on us quickly, leaving us to build late into Wednesday night to attempt to ‘finish’ the kitchen before the opening of Off Grid festival Thursday morning. As was somewhat obvious, the team is still working on the kitchen, which has in fact become an educational experience for the festival goers as they can see how everything is being made, and can get involved as well.

Furniture making

Rammed tyre base wall

Kids getting involved

Last night of building?

Off Grid festival begins

Kitchen wall

Rocket stoves are revealed

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