A few moments to see where we have got to!
If you can sum up where we have been with respect to not quite being at the end; in streams of conciousness....
Riddhi [team 1] - 'Learning from other people and making a 'family; living, eating, working together, creating new bonds, living simply. Learning about the relationship between drawing and making'. The language barrier has not been too diffucult and we rely on drawn communication and practice our communication skills more. For me it was good to meet people, live in a completely different place, comfort zone. It isn't a holiday but still been really interesting'.
Peter [team 1]- 'We have the chance to do real world projects for real people, might not be enjoyable all the way through but gives a glimpse, a more rounded picture. Get to know people and how people operate in working and social situations. Excited about being in Italy and going on to travel. Great for skill sharing.'
Lucy - 'I always enjoy doing the mark-making workshops, materials workshops and being there when it 'clicks'! Making a counting toy, faith in humanity always comes up trumps; people being good and wanting to do their best; lots of learning opportunities'.
Sally [not long arrived] - 'Amazing to 'land' in the middle of happy, hot and incredibly scenic industry on many levels; strategic designing, making, playing and experimenting....fresh figs, pasta..might be in a sort of paradise; will pinch myself and come back'
Sally [back]  So; I arrived very easily and met by Marcus and Pete.
Back to Rimondato and it has changed very much from when I was last here and it is wonderful to be back. Hot though. Straight into a catch-up on the project, dinner, parlour games werewolf, mafia and psychiatrist...Seeing familar faces of studio 2 [facebook], Riddhi from MArch and Hani [ASAP]. V good to be here.
Set up an Instagram intention to post every night: #rimondato