HANI - In our mark making workshop, we were encouraged to use varying techniques of shading and mark making on a piece of paper. This lead to the creation of our abstract pieces that were the culmination of some free flowing experimentation with a range of mediums, from charcoal all the way over to white emulsion. Although we started out the workshop chatting casually here and there, an intense silence fell on the room as we all became involved with our respective pieces.

The aim of this workshop was to allow us to explore techniques and mediums that we wouldn't have usually tried in our typical design process. By exposing us to these methods, Lucy has helped us think with a bigger palette and hence a more diverse approach to problem solving and representation within our architectural process. By making use of the relative lack of precision of charcoal crosshatch shading to suggest ambiguous volumes and the flow of ink drips to create lines that either divide, obscure or highlight patterns and rhythms within the drawing.

LUCY - A quick morning moving and filling an art cupboard at the school and picking up Hanifah from Perugia, A real strong urge to help the community through the school. I want to help tidy the stuff that needs to be put away and cleaned up. So far I have made some learning toys in wood, and decoupage a notice frame, helped paint a cupboard, and soft furnish a chest for comfort in the staff room.  Talked to Hani about an aspect of his architecture course in Manchester next 3rdyear; the atelier community centred design, which I think is a great thing for the future….also the architecture and planning course isn’t as dry as you would imagine, in fact it sounds pretty forward thinking! There is hope for the future.  That is what i mean about these events restoring my faith in humanity.  

I hope people have benefitted from the physical properties workshop I have developed, and then the mark making workshop; trying to build up their confidence using gesture; whole arm lines; watching pace of line, the intention of marks; incorporating different ways of making lines and letting the intuitive lead the development; cutting, collage, paint, graphite and ink, useful for perspective drawing, increasing contrast with confidence.  Interesting responses, (sal image please) . The learning cycle that started with an experience, then reflection, forming a theory and beginning again with an experience, continually developing…
love lucy