Peter Covell4AM MONDAY... 

Rob, Jonathan and I arrived in Umbria, looking dazed after a 27 hour journey. Riddhi was polite enough to arrive midday, saving Marcus vital archi-reflection time. 

6 hours later, the 5 of us were greeted by the flamboyant headmistress Guiseppina at the Borgo Antico school. There was little time to get our bearings before a plate of pasta arrived; and another plate, and another plate. The lunch was eventful in itself, which required a certain amount of endurance, but was the ideal way to become familiar with the order of the school.



school tour

school tour

A guided tour of the building with the teachers identified some issues with the current setup. The creative output of the school seems to be double edged sword as high volume of work lines the walls, creating a strong sense of identity but work is not rotated and many pieces have lost their relevance to the current students. Various neglected spaces have become homogeneous material stores and are filled to the brim with lots of the same stuff that is impossible to use and poses a fire hazard. 

Back to Marcus's house for a welcome dinner with copious amounts of wine.