Rob Daniel.  After piles of information absorption within the first 4 days –  Friday began with a late start but soon got off to a buzz when an array of power tools where whipped out for us to test and experience how they work; routers, drills, saws... We also explored different recycled materials nustering and using whatever we could lay our hands on!

Rob initiated assembling the design of a multifunctional robust table/storage unit. He soon discovered that the detailed connections did not function as the design did, as there were arising problems. Following on from this, more solutions/issues were ascending that achieved a range different techniques including a more complex exciting table solutions. The discovery of a table that can fold over so both sides can be used in different ways. (pictured)

Pete started by defining the constraints of weights as the structure was soon discovered to be too heavy. He needed to find a way to minimise the weight of each planter to allow each planter to be raised and lowered on a devised mechised raising and lowering system. Pete then spent some times therapeutically stripping the insulation from mains electrical cable and using a drill to wind the three copper wires into a stronger chord which will link the planters together. More design iterations were made in the sketchbook awaiting the sourcing of bicycle parts for the raising/lowering mechanism.