Italy School Refurb June 13

All  has disappeared into a sea of boxes, old books tat and disorder. I am beginning to think what have I got my poor students into, can I really justify all this box shifting and cupboard emptying as DESIGN or Make? (hard sell needed)

Everyone worked hard today ferrying stuff up and down. Thank you team, you have done such a great job. The Maestra  agreed that there is 20 years worth of collecting, hording gone on… (we are maybe half way)

How does this really fit into the design process, does it have value?

Having thought about it since, I believe the value is in engaging with your community, you have to get stuck in to achieve change. It is easy to talk about doing things and hoping someone else will do the dirty work. With that approach it is easy for nothing to happen and rubbish to gather.  As architects we often imagine what may be on the shelfor in a cupboard. Today we have seen the reality of what people put on shelves, in boxes and in dead end corners.

Space and objects need to have life and movement   

I hope, if we make the right design the clutter will not gather again.