First Impressions

Day 1

Despite having heard about the flooding situation in Venice, our expectations were kept high and we all mostly remained optimistic about our journey. Luckily for us, Venice welcomed us with warm and dry weather. Coming from the 3 degrees in Bristol, the 18 degrees in Venice came to us as a welcomed change, which was then obediently followed on by our introduction with Marcus and the pizza meeting we had around the benches 20 minutes away from the hostel.

 Day 2 

The 8am breakfast provided us with fuel needed for the busy day ahead. Unlike planned, our journey today would take us to the La Biennale Di Benezia arsenale where we would appreciate the works of architects from across the world. The addition of the movement workshop and build up collage workshop with Lucy we did through the day helped put our thoughts and expression on paper in an abstract but a somewhat informative way.