MAKING LEWES: MAKESHOP #1 the world's first 'KinShip'*

Predesign: up to 11.09.14 Design and make: 17.09.14 - 19.09.14

Brief: To design, make, assemble and launch a unique mobile community structure. The structure will be demountable and easily transportable. Embrace multifunctionality as a key ingredient so it can be used by the cake-making sisters of hell raising, and the heavenly football spendthrift association. It will be usable in different areas of the community as a temporary pop-up space.

Materials: Locally sourced, sustainable/re-used materials eg birch, larch, norwegian spruce, hazel, hornbeam... Salvaged materials, Seasoned timber, Corrugated iron, plywood, canvas, tarpaulin

Fixings: Tension cable, bolts, screws, steel strap, brackets, threaded bar.

Approach: Explore traditional and modern practices, materials, forms, ideas.

Design: for comfort, conviviality, durability, ease of assembly, disassembly, storage, low maintenance...

Operate as: a market stall, kiosk, covered seating, signage/ information stand, meeting place, public stage, bike stand or a combination of the above or something not yet invented or dreamt of

The intention is that this structure will be presented to the people of Lewes and that different community groups and societies will be able to use it. If possible the structure should have adaptability built into its design and realisation, optimising its potential for further evolution and capacity to grow through its future use.

To this end; we hereby invite you to brainstorm from now!

Here's how:
1. RSVP to join
2. sketch, model, play - any medium..
3. Choose 3 of your best contributions/inspirations and photo/film [keep file size low]
4. Submit to The MAKESHOP blog on HANDS-ON-BRISTOL for open studio discussion to submit:
A compose your email - subject will be the title of the post - body text of email will be text of post
B add attachments - jpeg
C send to:
You have until 5pm 11th September

Progress to open studio:
5. Join the open Review - feedback, discuss, develop....
6. From all your ideas and feedback, we will together form the concept that will become our project for the design/make workshops.

Then roll up your sleeves....

Meet at [Wills workshop; Lewes - map will be sent with kit-list] 10am 17.09.15:
7. And join the team: experienced designers and makers
You'll collaboratively develop the design leading to a group build, installation
We will start making...

.....and who knows where we will arrive

* to our knowledge!
def: kingship - a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character

Any questions about the workshop; do email us: