Building Man Reflections and Soundcloud Talks

Good Afternoon!

Have a look at a fantastic reflection on Building Man 2014 from Sheffield student, Purdie Whitting:

We have also uploaded a host of talks from the RAW #4 at Womad 2013. Highlights include talks by Peter Clegg and Cycletricity!



Making Lewes is a festival of making, architecture, and sustainable design. 

The event on September 18th - 21st will include: exhibitions, weekend mini-conference, talks, building visits, workshops, films, and a two-day mini Design & Make  workshop.

Speakers include: Jonathan Hines, Sarah Wigglesworth, Neil May (Natural Building Technologies) and many more.

UWE is sponsoring a limited number of students to attend Making Lewes 2014. Get in touch to get involved! CONTACT:   

Getting Ready for Trondheim

Welcome to our Design&Make workshop in Trondheim this summer. The workshop 

is a collaboration between the students and the faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts 

at NTNU, the University of the West of England and the Trondheim Kommune as a 

tribute to the Holzbau Nordic conference. We are looking forward to design and build 

a connection between the upper and lower part of the Kjøpmannsgata together with all 

of you.

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