Kinship iii: Friars Walk, Lewes 25.09.16 – 29.09.16 Making Lewes Festival

BRIEF ‘ What is an Open Access workshop; what could it be?’

We aim to convert and reinvent the Turkish Baths on Friar’s Walk into both a temporary open access workshop (community makers space) and a festival venue for talks, meetings and symposium.

Specifically we need to create a making-culture space to engage and inspire the public as well as communicate what a maker’s space is and how it could relate to the town and its inhabitants.

PROGRAMME To be inspired and explore the principals, engineering, aesthetics of geodesic design…..

25.09.16 – 3:30 / 4:00pm Meet at the Turkish Baths <>To start the process off, Geodesic pioneer Kristofferr Tejlgaard [] will be giving a public talk followed by a geodesic model-making workshop. This will give our kinshipiii a loose theme and inspirational starting point. It is imagined that the design-make team will borrow technology, techniques, structural ideas and/or aesthetics from their experiences with geodesic principals, this may involve….. Working with hexagons, triangles, self-supporting structures, modularity, exploring hubs where multiple structural members meet. 7:30 – 9:30pm

26.09.16 – 29.09.16 [9:00am – 5:00pm – Turkish Baths] Day 1 (Monday): Introduction / idea generation & finalised design outcome decision Day 2 (Tuesday): Workshop making Day 3 (Wednesday): Workshop making Day 4 (Thursday): Finishing day and preparation for event Day 5 (Friday): Making lewes Talks, lectures and events Day 6 (Saturday): Making Lewes talks, lectures and events Day 7 (Sunday): Making Lewes talks, lectures and events

With available materials [timber and re-use] we will work in teams to explore how we can re-invent, adorn and transform the interior of the Turkish baths, developing systems and forms that make an impact on the space, exploring individual and team ideas so that the space becomes a functional exhibition of ideas, community collaboration and a vibrant example of a makers space.

Simultaneously during the workshop we need to create the infrastructure for the space becoming a festival venue for events including, a round circle open discussion, talks, an architectural symposium and an exhibition venue.

THE PROCESS The philosophy of the design-make workshop is to explain the workings; to allow the experimentation and processes to be visible and part of the outcome. In the same sense, we imagine that the adornment and furniture created will not only transform the space but will be exhibits and examples of the product of a community making space.

The re use of materials both for the creation of the space and beyond is key to the brief. The adornment of the space needs to be easily dismountable and reusable or to have in its design a future on-going cycle. The furniture, for talks and discussions needs to be demountable for transport and storage as it will be used for future events.

We will be creating a public viewing area which will be open to the public at all times, this will also be a space where process, documentation, models and experiments will be on constant show, it is a key part of the brief that all participants consider how to engage and promote the process and concept of a makers space to the public.


• Exhibit the potential of the space for future use • Create a built environmental inspired by a geodesic approach for talks, workshops and seminars • Engagement with the community

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